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when your teeth get that fuzzy, "sweatery" feeling after drinking coke
Coke gives me sweater teeth everytime.
#coca cola #pop #soda #soft drink #tooth decay
by florence lawrence April 12, 2008
fellatio performed by someone currently wearing braces
I got head from Flo today, but it was more like shread than head.
#shred #to give shread #shreaded my genitalia #she's a shreadder #your train tracks are shreading my penis
by florence lawrence April 09, 2008
outer vaginal lips which when tucked into tight fitting pants are so loose they resemble pointed down fish sticks
Her fish sticks are hanging past her knees.
#camel toe #fish lips #bread pudding #gorgonzola cheese #ski poles
by florence lawrence April 09, 2008
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