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kinda like a family ting, get me. tite in the family n ting. family tree bizniss. me n the rt bizzl, we just cruisin, its like a famblad, get me.
straight famblad situations, pt, rt, lt, wt, longting SITUATIONS.
Flo-bare: rt bizzl, wana catch a bt/ft (rudeboi, would you care to go to a Burger King emporium after going to see a Flick Ting at the cinema?)

The RT Bizzle: Yes rudeboi, straight famblad reppin, long suffer, long suffer (sure, that sounds good my friend)
by flo-bare situations January 05, 2008
used along with the words 'wos' (what's, what is), the whole phrase meaning 'how's it going? / how's it hanging'. The phrase was coined by Big Mo, safe brare yeh, but we don't talk to him anymore unfortunately. Phrase should be said in a silly voice, and a bit hyperactively also. Bigup the Epsom massive yeh?
Big Mo: Wos gwandarisin Tommy Gunz?
T.G: LaCartes, innit rt?
by flo-bare situations January 05, 2008
London Asshole Po-lice Department. If you're reppin in the LDN, this applies to you, so if you're cruisin around piccadily or edgeware road a bit drunk or high on shisha or whatever and you see a cop car, someone in the car will say in a stupid voice 'its the LAPD, London Asshole Po-lice Department', get me?, and every will respond with a 'BOOF BOOF!', cos its famblad, family bizniss, pure, safe yeh?
The phrase was coined by Big Mo, safe, but 'low Epsom tings yeh?
RT Bizzle Situations: Lacartes is growing so much bruf
Flo-bare/TommyGunz: ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudeboi!
Salad Tings: you like a bit mooooody n ting!
Big Mo: waaasss gwandarisin, its the LAPD, London Asshole Po-lice department! have some more Bailey (sic, 's' of Bailey's missed out), its good shizzl ma nizzl
Flo-bare/TommyGunz: u sure oh mighty gibbon?
by flo-bare situations January 05, 2008
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