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The name Allyia attracts boys. It means princess in some countries. Allyia means beautiful, ambitious, and heavenly goddess. She means high and outstanding out of all of them. And beyond good, beautiful, tame and gentle, and very brave as well. Born to lead and has a lot of potential. She is a smart and outstanding girl. Defiantly someone people can never forget. Allyia is a very funny person and fun to be around. Moments with her will be memories that you'll forever remember. She is very athletic and her speed is something else. Once you are her friend she'll never betray you. Allyias motto is to never give up no matter how hard things might become. She'll never let her friends give up either. To be Allyias friend is a blessing from the gods above. Allyia is a unique, strong and gorgeous person, finding people like her is hard to come by.
I hate that girl Allyia, she is too perfect.

Damn, Allyia is something else. I have never met someone like her.

When i grow up, i want to be Allyia.
by fljkdmc February 18, 2012

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