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dup-nik (noun):

1. A law enforcement officer who fancies themselves highly trained "operator" and yearns to see some "action" but ends up panicking when the shit hits the fan and killing an innocent person.

2. A highly trained law enforcement operator who negligently kills someone and tries to hang a series of charges on the victim retroactively in an attempt to obfuscate his or her crime.

dup-nik (verb):

1. To be killed by law enforcement due to a combination of incompetence, gross misuse of force and "highly trained" wanna-be "operators" who dump their bowels and their magazines at the slightest movement.
2. To be murdered by incompetent "law enforcement officers" and then be retroactively accused in the press of any crime that might somehow justify their deplorable actions.
1. Watch out for officer O'Hanrahan, he's a certified SWAT sniper but I've heard that he's a real dupnik.

2. Yah Sgt. Seuza was great in training but turned out to be a huge dupnik, he almost got our whole team suspended.

3. It was hard for the Sheriff to decide whether he should send some detectives around to the suspects house to investigate or just dupnik the guy and be done with it.

4. Did you hear about Jose? He got totally dupniked yesterday, I heard they even shot his dog.

5. Old LEO saying: You can't crack a big case without dupniking a few perps.
by flimflaman June 06, 2011

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