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Short for VeeDubs, which is a enthusiast term for Volkswagens. In the late 20th century, was jacked by ghetto thugs to refer to 20" rims on their hooptie

however, people of class and distinction still refer to the word in its original context.
1)Hey man, I was on www.vwforum.com checkin out the new dubs. There's a guy in there with a 10 second raddo!

2) Dawg! I got Dubs on my 87 caprice, but then I hit a pothole and the whole wheel assembly fell off. When I walked home to get my escort to try and go tow the car home, someone had yoinked my dubs!
by fli gti October 22, 2004
Just another GM motor that wishes it was a 427.
Man, I got a 455, but I'm thinkin of getting a Caddy 502, cause its bigger, and that means better, unlike that little 427 in that Vette that keeps blowin my doors off.
by fli gti December 09, 2004
A sad, pathetic attempt by liberals to cope with the fact that their own self righteousness doesn't actually mean that they are right. Instead of graciously admitting that they are infact a minority in America, they would rather take their toys and go home, as evidenced by the "USC", similar to the southern states succession, but without the backbone to actually do anything about it except talk.
Liberal weiner: " I'm not an American anymore, I voted for Kerry and Im a USC citizen."
Rational moderate: "Well, Kerry was a bad idea to begin with, maybe next time the Democrats will have a real contender I can vote for. Oh well, back to work."
Religious Conservative: "I'm glad this whole election is over, now we can get on to things that matter like fixing Social Security and the National Sales Tax and breaking up the pharmaceutical compny/Insurance stranglehold on medical care."
by fli gti January 26, 2005

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