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What I thoughtg Diana Ross was singing in "I'm Coming Out" Has become a mainstay in my vocabulary for no particular reason. I was a child and figured I would know what the word meant when I grew up.
Also see fantasvue
I'm coming out...I want the world to know, contellectual.
by fleetwoodbroughamdelegance October 26, 2004
Misheard from Green Acres theme song portion sung by Eva Gabor...I figured as a child when I grew up I would then know what a fantasvue was. I was sure it was fantastic though.
I just adore a fantasvue, ,darling I love you but give me Park Avenue"
by fleetwoodbroughamdelegance October 26, 2004
Something ugly or distasteful.
My blind date was very poodley he must've been beat with the ugly stick.
by fleetwoodbroughamdelegance March 18, 2004

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