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Anyone who contradicts what they say. In Short, many politicians and Kyle M.
Example 1 (THIS IS HONEST TO GOD TRUE): Kyle: OMG, you used a rocket to kill me (in Halo), They are so fucking cheap, only n00bs use them, noob.
-5 minutes later-
Kyle: FUCK YEAH, I just won by getting a killing spree with my rocket launcher, you guys suck horribly, you guys should try being more like me, you know, someone with skills!"
Everyone else: Go to hell you hypocrite named Kyle!

Example 2 (STILL HONEST TO GOD): Kyle: OMG in Halo 3, you can use the Brute Hammer, it's the best weapon ever, it even replaces the sword! AND NOW I HAVE IT! Yeah, you guys should get one too!
-5 minutes later-
Kyle: Oh, Stefan, you have the brute hammer? I have the sword, It's so much fucking better than the hammer. Try getting a sword, you'll like it better.

Can you see where this is going? AND THE WORST PART IS THAT THEY DON'T SHUT UP!!!
by flavoredclover November 05, 2007

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