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The new,"cool" fad that consists mostly of obnoxious,faggy posers. They wear neon flannel shirts with tight neon pants. They almost always have plugs and snakebites and wear nerd glasses without lenses.They and others think they are cool but they are so fucking lame and annoying, especially since more and more kids are becoming "fresh" by the day. You always see them in school shuffling like the lame asses they are. I hate how everyone mistakes them for "cool kids" or "skaters" when they are simply just a bunch of annoying gay posers.
Guy #1: Hey dude what are you doing afterschool?

Guy #2: Im going to the mall to buy some flannel.

Guy #1: Aw dont tell you're gonna become one of those faggy fresh kids now.

Guy #2: What?! Come on man everyone is fresh now, its the new cool thing to be.

Guy #1: Why dont you go away and shuffle fag.
by flavoredAIR March 16, 2010

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