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3 definitions by flashback

One that is capable of completely obliterating someone's doubts or beliefs.
After numerous individuals and organizations voiced their doubts, concerns, and slanderous posts about the prospects of the new business opening up successfully, the nayslayers packed the house so full on opening night a line started forming outside the door.
by flashback June 04, 2013
A social atmosphere that may encompass many subjects including but not limited to books, video games, fantasy, horror, comics, trivia, computers, electronics, board games, cosplay, anime, science, physics. It tends to be a very laid back and welcoming environment, regardless of the diversity of the crowd.
The nerdmosphere at the local bar that boasted a vintage arcade and a variety of board games was always fun and entertaining.
by flashback June 04, 2013
Just flat out gay
by Flashback June 30, 2003