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idiot zone is basically the mosh pit at a concert
person 1: i got tickets.. but they're in the idiot zone
person 2: excellent - the vibes better
by Flash Ash December 12, 2005
An enclosed area of land usu. near a building - related to garden, courtyart, yard, etc.
Girl 1: Anyone for a game of cricket in the backyard?
Girl 2: Yeah, sounds good.

Man 1: We should build a higher fence, the neighbours can see into our backyard.
Woman 2: Yes, but at least the garden looks good.
by Flash Ash January 02, 2006
A see saw is a peice of playground equiptment otherwise known as a teeter-totter. It is a long, narrow board balanced in the middle so that, as one end goes up, the other goes down.
Child 1: I like the playground, my favourite is the see saw.
Child 2: No, I like the slippery dip better.
by Flash Ash January 02, 2006
Stu Vac: Short for Student Vacation, Stu Vac is a short break taken before exams for the purpose of study and more usually procrastination.
"Stu Vac, traditionally known for its ability to turn apparently normal university students into caffine-guzzling, chain-smoking procrastinators..." - Honi Soit Article, Week 13, Semester I, 2006
"Stuvac: the best excuse for a piss up since 9/11" - Ibid
by Flash Ash August 11, 2006
Honi Soit is a student newspaper at the University of Sydney run by editors elected through the SRC elections. It publishes weekly and is distributed free to a readership of up to 20,000 students and University academic and general staff at all Sydney Uni Campuses.

The name is short for the phrase "Honi soit qui mal y pense" (French: "Evil to him who evil thinks"), which is the motto of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.
honi soit publication Week 1, Semester 1, 2006 - On the pronunciation of 'honi': "The 'h' is silent, fucker"
by Flash Ash August 11, 2006
A term coined by Kayne West to describe Franz Ferdinand's drum style. Crunk - a mixture of the word crazy and drunk -is a specific type of hip hop music that is similar to dirty south rap or southern rap. Crunk artists include Ludacris, Lil Jon, Ciara and Lil Scrappy.

According to West, white crunk has influenced his new work, especially in his 2005 single 'Diamonds from Sierra Leone' - Diamonds from Sierra Leonne.
'Diamonds' is kind of white crunk.' - Kanye West
by Flash Ash March 14, 2006
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