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Somebody who tries to fit in too hard and "is with it." Conformists often wear Exco, DC, and other brands that are labelled to being "punk, gangsta, etc." Conformists have destroyed the world and you will find them everywhere. We all are conformists, even if we like it or not.
Conformist: OMG, like Nelly is so like hot! Have you like seen like that new Good Charlotte video?
Non conformist: Fuck you, you little shit, get a fucking life, you little faggots and your "exco"
by flaris November 02, 2004
An idiot that labels himself because he rides a board with 4 wheels.
<sarcasm>I can skateboard, so I'm cooler than you.</sarcasm>
by flaris June 18, 2005
Somebody who believes that the government should be run by dictation
Some guy: Facists suck.
by flaris November 02, 2004

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