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- A ghettoass asian mophonic homeboy who lives it up in the fast lane
- Short for bro_flamo, a brother flammable
- Obsessed with lighting things and ordnance
- Some reckons he drives too fast
- A casm
'Hey flamo, what else do you do in your spare time besides casmic drivin, mackin with women, rhymin & smokin cubans?'
by flamo April 06, 2004
- A word used to describe the ways of a crazy motherfucker, such as a casm.
'Hey quit the bitchin you're losin' it, damn mophonic'

*puff puff puff puff* *cough cough* 'PUFF PUFF GIIIIIVE YOU MOPHONIC FUCK!!!!'
by flamo April 06, 2004

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