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3 definitions by flameeverlasting

Using words and terminology that only geeks would understand. Generally refers to 1337/hax0r computer slang used by gamers, but also includes other exceptionally nerdy things like star trek, magic, DDR or LOTR.
1.(1337/hax0r) 1f u c4n r34d th1s u r3411y n33d t0 g37 l41d

2. So when we we playing DDR Kyle shouted "Qu'vatlh guy'cha b'aka!" and I'm like, hello, you can't shout Klingon curses during a DDR game!
by flameeverlasting May 12, 2005
1)A party, celebration
2)a disturbance, a rowdy party
let's get this shivoo started!
by flameeverlasting November 09, 2005
A friend, particularily an attractive friend
Jessica is my homeslice.
by flameeverlasting May 07, 2005