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1. People from Canada. We are very proud of our country, so don't insult it when we can hear you. We do not say eh any more than anyone else does, and don't live in igloos.

2. What Americans say they are when their're on vacation, especially in England.
1. I live in Canada, deal with it.

2. Yeah, I'm Canadian. I've got the flag on my backpack.
by fjike August 07, 2011
A half-decent show from the nineties about a teenage witch named Sabrina. Hilarious to watch if your name is Sabrina. However, it can also torture teenage girls named Sabrina. People will call you this at some point, (loudly and for no reason) and it is not amusing.
friend/random person: Hey! Sabrina the teenage witch! LOL.
person named Sabrina: not funny. Get out of my house.
by fjike August 02, 2011

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