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when someone randomly gets up and leaves for no apparent reason completely unnoticed by the rest of the group
person 1: we were sitting in the park having a great conversation, and then i turn around and he's just disappeared!

person 2: oh, he was probably just Pulling an Ian on you.
by fivemiles44 August 16, 2009
adjective describing persons of the mormon religion.
mormons are usually super good at everything and way too polite for their own good. sometimes they have no personality. therefore, mormon is also an adjective meaning boring.
person 1: did you see the new harry potter movie?
person 2: yeah.
person 1: what did you think about ginny?
person 2: she was so Mormon!

person 1: yeah, i know. it was like she had no personality or something.

person 2: yeah, she was pretty boring.
person 1: but super good.

person 2: yeah, in a Mormon way.
person 1: definitely. what a Mormon.
by fivemiles44 August 16, 2009

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