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2 definitions by five_generations

n.) Jizz, cum, semen from a homeless man, usually found in subway cars, back alleys, in front of the courthouse, or on Sean Hannity's shirt.

v.) 1. When a homeless person ejaculates, usually in full public view and in an attempt to cover up hunger pains, or as a practical joke on statues, public benches, the hood of parked cars or famous rich people, to kill time during their boring days.

2. When someone jizzes in a homeless manner, i.e.: in full public view and grunting while a gimpy arm is uncontrolably flaying around.
N: "Hmmm...just sat down on this public bench and i feel something a little wet, I bet I just sat in homeless jizz."

V: "Sure did jizz like a homeless man when I was fucking my mistress last night...maybe choosing homeless mistresses is having its effect on me."
by five_generations May 04, 2009
136 23
a folk song with magical revival and stamina boosting powers, shrouded in mystery, and song by homeless people to give them sustenance and energy. it's lyrics and tune are virtually unknown to non-homeless people. however, it is generally believed that homeless people softly sing it to themselves right before taking a homeless jizz.
"Damn im so fuckin hungry right now...i wish i knew the song of the homeless."
by five_generations May 07, 2009
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