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Bay Shore is a hamlet on Long Island. Its one of the few "ghetto" towns in Suffolk county. It consists of mostly Black and Spanish people, some white. West Bay Shore is an OK place to live, definitely not the greatest. North Bay Shore is the slums. Overall, Bay Shore is the hood. I wouldn't be surprised if many gang members came from Bay Shore. Very few parts of it are middle to upper class, if any even. You can smell pot from around the corner. You wouldn't want to walk around outside at night, theft and violence are very common and you will often see MANY cops because of this. This may be the case in every town, but its to the extreme here and everyone is used to it. People have sex in public next to the complex's. Just not a great place to live.
Jen "Did you see all those cops by the park in Bay Shore"?
George "Yeah who cares, same old stuff as usual"
by fityonejason May 10, 2010

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