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Pretty much what it sounds like. Best used when the redundancy is appropriate! When jackass or asshole just isn't enough!!!
Putin is rearranging Eastern Europe and Obama is working on his NCAA brackets? What an unbelievably complete jackasshole!!!
by Fishpaw March 19, 2014
Term used in reference to a piece or pieces of fecal matter that become stuck to a cat or dog's fur, particularly the fur surrounding the animal's anus.This is especially common in old or obese subjects.
The misses and I are constantly arguing over who's turn it is to chase down fluffy in order to remove her chode.
by fishpaw February 24, 2009
The act of vomiting on someone or something while attempting to fornicate with said person or thing.
Everything was going fine until bob fomitted on his girls mom.
by fishpaw February 25, 2009

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