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the cutest sweetest little boy you ever did meet in the whole entire world..Basically and actually are a Cameron's favorite words and used together when stating facts or asking questions!! handsome charmer with a quiet, calm disposition.. Cameron does everything in his own time. Cameron is never in a rush.. big, beautiful, contagious happy smile. Is loved by all who know him...
Cameron is so kind and gentle he will make your heart melt!
Cameron has a contagious personality and an infectious laugh!!!
by fireweed1 January 28, 2011
First born son. excitable, happy , competitive , strong, independent, heart breaker, redhead, ginger, creative, intelligent, loving, most compassionate and caring cool dude there ever was.
Caidin Rocks and is most definitely the coolest boy there ever ever was or could be..don't mess with a Caidin, he has the power to vaporize
by fireweed1 January 28, 2011

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