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n. Tiny creatures found in the desert. Generally gregarious, sometimes to the point of annoyance. Infatuated with American Soldiers. Speaks arabic and usually english, fluent in all english curse words and insults due to hours spent emulating Soldiers. Easily identified by the sound "mista, mista."
Iraqi child 1: mista, mista, mista, mista, MISTA, mista, mista, MISTA!!!!!

Soldier: I see you, chill the fuck out. What do you want.

Iraqi child 1: (perplexed, attemps phrase in broken english) Chill the fuck out???

*exit soldier, enter another random Iraqi child.

Iraqi child1: chill the fuck out.


Soldier 1: How was your mission?

Soldier 2: It was alright, I taught some Iraqi children the lyrics to Gin and Juice.

by firestarter6 February 02, 2009
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