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Someone who strives to be a indie/hipster but in reality they don't know anything about the genre or way of life. They claim to know indie music when in reality their main source of indie are websites that feed them what they claim to be the "best indie around". They are constantly harassing their real indie/hipster friends for music seeing as their findings are inadequate. They also claim to dressing indie and try talking about indie to others when they have no actual knowledge about the genre except what they've stolen from a real indie/hipster.
1. wannabe indie/hipster: hey what band is that?

hipster: Thats _______.

(2 days later)

wannabe indie/hipster: Hey! I downloaded all of their albums!

Hipster: Wow, You're such a wannabe.


Wannabe indie/hipster: check out this website where I get my music from. Its really cool.

Hipster: Don't be a wannabe.
by firemaster234 June 10, 2010
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