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An abbreviation and or short for - 'Paranoid'.
-used most commonly in public settings or in the presence of others whom may be less on-task when you are around the paranoid subject or their friends.
-usually, the paranoia is onset from intoxication,

(i.e. methamphetimine)
"Yeah, Cory was over lastnight getting high with us."
"How was that?"
"He was totally high and all P-NOID looking out the blinds every 5 seconds."
by firebeam11 March 19, 2010
It is derived from the root word:"WIGGER". (see "wigger").
"WIG' NATION" is a demographical reference to a significant population, and/or dense location in which wiggers, "stomp" or reside. These "WIGG' NATIONS" are usually slightly outside of the suburbs or slightly inside the suburbs. This depends solely on how "hard" this mob of wiggers are. Please note; "WIGG NATIONS" are not stationary they are located when and where a population of wiggers are or have been.
As we passed through town after school a bunch of "wiggers" boarded the bus. Come to find out shortly after that, they began to rap gangsta' type music, cussing one another, and calling each other either, "blood" or "bitch" depending on gender. Then I realized the bus had become the "WIGG' NATION."
by firebeam11 March 30, 2010
P'gina - puh-j-eye-nah; (n):
-a "p'gina is when a male uses his own penis & scrotum to create the illusion of a vagina, specifically the lips. This is done by tucking the penis between the legs toward the rectum and pulling the scrotum forward to create a region of tissue with 2 hemispheres w/ a vertical opening in between, appearing to be that of a female vagina

- a compound word derived from the words_(1. penis. and

(2. vagina. The prefix 'p' from 'penis' & the suffix 'gina' from 'vagina'
"When I turned back around to see what all the fuss was, and Matt stood there with his pants at his ankles and his cock & balls arranged to look like a vagina! I was horrified by the name he gave it, "P'gina"
by firebeam11 October 07, 2010
Booty-(n) and Belch-(v): booty belch - is another way of saying that an individual has farted and/or passed gas.

This occurs when the anus produces a sound that would normally be associated when an individual releases gas orally and/or belches, but it is produced by the anus.
When the sound came tearing from her behind rather than her mouth i couldn't make sense of it. Then I realized it was a phenomenon known as a booty belch!
by firebeam11 October 05, 2010

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