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A woman who has power over you. She can order you around, and her lover will follow her directions with out question, almost like your her bitch.
Evil Queen: "get over here and kiss my ass unil I get tired.
Her Bitch " Yes my Queen:

Evil Queen: "I want you to Kiss my feet and don't mess up my nail polish"
Her Bitch: "Yes My Queen"
by fire builder May 24, 2011
The hottest "Evil Queen" of your dreams. She is so evil she will make you do all her work around the house, force you to rub her back, kiss her feet, and if she is bad enough even make you kiss her ass and then laugh at you.
Dude #1 : that is a hot chick over there!
Dude #2 : oh, I bet she's a Jodi, she would tear yo ass out of the frame.
by fire builder May 20, 2011

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