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Users, usually new to GNU/Linux and FOSS who confuse common applications with their existence on the Ubuntu distribution. Generally this can be combated by making it explicit that said applications are found on all GNU/Linux distributions.

Can also be associated with users who are under the impression that Ubuntu is superior to all other GNU/Linux distributions despite the fact that said distributions are tailored for specific requirements. In reality none are superior/inferior, just built for different requirements. Eg Gentoo for optimizing for hardware, Debian/Slackware/Fedora for reliability, {U|Ku|Xu}buntu/Mint for user friendliness, etc.
"which one is better Xgl/Compiz or Ubuntu Linux?"

Ubuntard looking at a generic distro using GNOME as the DE: "OMG are you using Ubuntu?!"

by filereaper December 28, 2007
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