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A place or event taken place in a park and/or parking lot of any school on any day of the week with 10 or more people.
1.We had a Tammy Night the other day and got shit-faced.
2.Dude lets have a tammy night!
3. Don't invite sundar to tammy night
by figz February 10, 2005
Any guy, who hits, stares or jumps infront of a group of people to get their attention.
A guy who acts black cause he came out like that of his moms poon
Someone who never gets invited to any parties, or get-togethers.
One whom loves to spend time at Starbucks.
I'm not going if Sundar goes!
Make sure that Sundar guy is'nt there.
I never did like that Sundar.
Why are you being sucha Sundar!
Don't pull a sundar on me now.
by FiGz February 22, 2005
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