11 definitions by fifi

flailing a knife around someones face
james likes knifey flaily but it freaks nicole out
by fifi March 15, 2003
Short for 'What I go to School For' a fab song by the even fabber busted (and james is FIT!)
That's what I go to school for,
even though it is a real bore
you can call me crazy
but I know that she craves me,
by Fifi November 14, 2003
A school wif some hot guys, some hot girls, 'n' everything else an average middle school has. Extra sluts, though.
Damn, those kids at Roxboro are spoiled! (As said by a kid from Whiley, a school that gets out at 3:35 instead of 2:35 cause they are too stupid)
by FiFI February 24, 2005
also the name of brandon boyd's (from incubus fame) dog
here sativa, good boy!
by fifi April 18, 2005

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