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The elogated form of wtf, without actually saying "what the fuck?"
Double you tee eff! Why did you just say that you idiot?!?!
by Fifi December 23, 2004
Sonia: Another one of my bestest friends ever! I lover her very much. She is Alicia's twin. She is funny, nice, laid-back, diverse, and cool! I will miss her very much when i move.

Sonia is also awesomer then tony.
by Fifi May 28, 2004
Someone who does incredibly dumb things and says incredibly dumb things.
Mna Baker was a dooftart for jumping of the roof while screaming i love my dogs butt.
by FIFI October 11, 2003
A crazy hot vigilante who makes cute typo's. Fubby is a definition of a SUPER person
Yummy! that boy better watch his back I'm gonna jump on him he is dam fubby!
by fifi May 07, 2005
Cat Sniffers Anonymous, is an exclusive club, to join you must be honestly dedicated to your profession of Cat Sniffing. The CSA started about 20 years ago when a group of feline addicts got extremely high one night and met up with a gang of good smelling biker cats.
Becky: Gee Whiz, your so dedicated to sniffing cats! I really love that in a man.

Ricky: why thank you, long ago i realized Cat Sniffing had to be my job when i got big... then i heard about CSA, it was perfect for me so i joined after rigorous Cat Sniffing training, i finally got in.

Becky: wow Ricky, im impressed , lets do it!!

Ricky: alright, but do you have a cat?
by FiFI February 25, 2005
Frustrated sound made when someone wants you to do something dull.
I said duurgh when my sister wanted me to wash her car.
by FiFi March 08, 2004
Nasty, gross, didtasteful
"Yo, that girl is gnarsk."
"Gordo is gnarsk."
"Close your mouth, that's gnarsk."
by Fifi February 18, 2005

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