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A stupid filthy bitch troll from hell. Always complaining about the stupidist bullshit. They walk around with their cell phones and give people dirty looks.
Don't you have any cakes! ..... Hey dickwad I'm talking to you.
Me: Sorry no English!
by Fidel Castro April 12, 2005
Fucking dirty cunt rag from Plano that walks around with her stupid Cell Phone and expects to be served while talking on her phone.
Ya I told him to clean his asshole with baby wipes.
Excuse me ma'am may I help you?
Ya well get some chips and vodka.
Hey bitch! I got better things to do than stand here and listen to your bullshit conversation. Let me know when you want something ok you Plano Cunt!
by Fidel Castro October 14, 2004
This word believe it or not is actually a name. Used primarily in the southern region of the U.S.A. Nobody with college education names their child bubuh. It is also used in substitute of "dude" or "pal"
Hi ya'll welcome to Sunnyville, Texas. This is my husband Bubuh. / another example/ Hey bubuh! What you all doing tonight. We're going to get drunk and go pig fucking tonight.
by Fidel Castro March 08, 2004
A man who was devoted to giving people free education and healthcare, stuff that really matters unlikehere in america where u pay through the nose
it seems like health care and education are only for the rich these days
by Fidel Castro March 30, 2003
Biblical father figure to the isrealites, 'The asshorse will set us free with his 40lbs ass ^_______^". Some believe the asshorse may return in 2004 as a horses ass.
Asshorse demands lamb blood over your door or he will shit in your microwave.
by fidel castro July 01, 2003
get a life or get a grip on reality.
I told you not to fill my presciption and you filled it any way. I'm sorry ma'am. It's the fact you filled it when I specifically told you not too. Ma'am why don't you go fuck a duck?
by Fidel Castro March 08, 2004
this term means "bad mouthing" write bad reviews about somebody.
I could'nt collect unemployment because they claimed work was still available when I quit. My brother says that my employer faxed some mad shit over to the unemployment office.
by Fidel Castro March 08, 2004

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