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A real disease that way too few people believe exist, especially by the drunk dicks who have nothing better to do than belittle people through this site. I'm 19, I was diagnosed at 17. Every single day I struggle with depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, extreme fatigue, 'fibro fog' and so many other symptoms. I used to be a straight A student and planned to go into neuroscience. Now, my goal more days than not is to be able to actually get up on time for my classes. My grades are now C's when I'm working 10x as hard. This isn't some excuse so that people can just be lazy and do nothing all day, it's real, it's painful, and each day with it is a struggle. So unless you know what it's like to wish you were dead more days than not, don't say that it's just all in my head. Remember karma's a fucking bitch.
Lily: Hey, want to do this thing that you absolutely love?
Sam: I would love to, but I can't even think straight right now because of my Fibromyalgia. Fuck my life.
by fibromyalgic March 27, 2011

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