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a small town where everyone knows everyone else and their business. there are 3 elemntry schools and one middle school. no girls like each other and if they do, their probally faking it. its like a town of telephone and the by the time the last person hears it, its not what you said at all. everyone's rich and stuckup and worried about everyoen else. west island is where its at in the summer. the cheerleaders think theyre all that and a bag of chips but voc. is better. the boys think theyre mad tough and such gangsters but as soon as the cross the bridge the suddenly forget what that is. its a twon of a bucnh of fake people. the population of fairhaven is 7 and you probally have had the same kids in your class since you were in pre-k. kids that go to voc. are smart to get away. trust me, youd want to get away. but honestlyy it's not half bad and people know how to have a good time.
by fhs November 16, 2006
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