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7 definitions by fetus

Synonym of "yes".
"Is it cold outside?"

by Fetus January 10, 2003
253 29
Rozz Williams, was born as Roger Alan Painter. Rozz williams is a name he got from a grave stone in his favourite cemetery.

Rozz was in several bands including: Christian Death, Premature Ejaculation, Daucus Karota, and Shadow Project. He also made a few solo albums.

He was involved in with a movie called Pig before his death. On April 1st 1998, Rozz Williams hung himself.
"Forget me not or I'll forget myself..."
Rozz Williams is God.
by Fetus January 15, 2005
154 42
a pussy whiped son of a bitch who doesnt have time to play video games with his freinds.
x1: "Mega get on vent, we have a match"
mega: "Dude pat is coming over and she says i will get some"
x1: "you nig"
by fetus February 12, 2005
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A common type of rubber used on Climbing shoes.
by Fetus October 19, 2003
20 23
Philippino word that can mean absolutely anything or nothing depending on how retarded you are. Similar words are abrakadabra for the people of Sweden. Often used to describe any activity related to smoking and alcohol.
What the Reece?!
Suck my Reece.
by Fetus November 21, 2004
85 94
A symbol of all that is cool and/or rad. Very interesting. Sleek. As seen on Family Guy episode 'Let's Go To The Hop'.
That joke was very Lando.
by Fetus September 22, 2003
7 23
una panocha con muchos dientes
fetus: "ey vata dont get tu pito eaten by that paheena dentaytah!"
lurch: "callete pita mi pito esta mas pequeno y no paheena dentaytah can get me!"
by fetus March 02, 2004
34 73