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1) a mentality that everyone in every other state besides california envies.

2) What tupac and 30 other great MCs rep

3) Most gangsta part of the nation

4) Where you can find the best beaches, weather, women, weed.

5) What New York mistakenly thinks theyre better then.HAH!

LA Pride
East Coast guy: Man California sucks yall got bad traffic...

Dirty South guy: Man fuck califoria yall got chicks with really nice fake tits...

Midwest guy: Man fuck california yall got bad...uh..

Westside gangsta: Its all good, i would be jealous of me too if i were you. cuz at the end of the day u cant hold down the westside!!
by fertileturtle May 01, 2009
Marijuana born and raised in the state of California. The best dank you can get your hands on.
Tourist: Yo look at this!! I just got some BC and Amsterdam bud!!

California Local: Haha good one. Sorry bro but I have a date with some cali-o tonight.
by fertileturtle August 05, 2009
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