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An expression used to describe a really extreme night / bender on which you consume so much alcohol and class A drugs that you put yourself in genuine danger of killing yourself. A really extreme mash up.
On Tuesday I was only meant to be going out for one drink with Rowan but we ended up smashing the black granny out of it and now I've lost my job and I can't remember where I live or what my name is.
by ferrycorsten April 10, 2009
Ususally used in an office environment, this term describes when there are not many teabags left so it is prudent to use 1 teabag for an entire round of teas to make the remaining bags last as long as possible. So named due to the reluctance to shell out for a new pack of tea due to the global credit crunch.
Paul: Justin are you making the teas then?
Justin: Sure... Only 3 bags left so is everyone up for a credit crunch tea?
Paul: Yeah go on then.
by ferrycorsten April 10, 2009

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