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The one eyed mascot of Baltimore's own National Bohemian Beer or Natty Boh.

There is a neon sign that rises 50+ feet in the air that is easily visible from the North side of the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel in an area off O'Donnell Street known as Brewer's Hill.
"Did you see Mr. Boh propose to the Utz Girl?"
by ferret421 August 17, 2009
when you are arguing with your friends about movies and you know the actor and your other friend swears he does but he really doesnt
person 1:i know that adam sandler plays as the water boy
person 2: no i know its jim carey!
person 1:naw its adam sandler you can go and imdb dat
by ferret421 February 08, 2012
When your dong is so long you can wrap it around you wrist so when people ask what time it is you can make them look at it as you tell them some fake time
yo check out jims dong swatch he must need 3 girls for that
by ferret421 March 26, 2009

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