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Bradnick; Is the medical term, for a operation. Where as the male tubes. That are located in the Ball bag and lead to the penis eye. These tubes are cut and tided, Rendering the male un able to reproduce and can not be reversed. The male will then only shoot blanks.

Bradnick; Is also a medical name given to persons with a decease commonly called and known as patato head. where the head grows in the form of a patato only with ears hence this is where the toy Mr Patato head cums from.
I was suffering with unbearable pain in my ball bag, and could hardley walk, So i had to have a Bradnick to relief the pain.

oh look at that poor Bradnick, How hard it must be to live with that patato head decease.
by felony one March 05, 2010
Golding; Is the name given to a person or persons. Who are Money hungry, Only cares for themselves, Nasty individual who enjoys bringing down other's. To his or her level. Which is lower than scrum off a snakes dick. A golding has very low self respect, usually Fat, untidy and smell like shit. Also feels the needs to buy Friendship's. But in general a very lonely sole.
1) That Joe Blow is a full on Golding.
2)Look at the bunch, of Golding's standing over there going through that rubbish bin. no wonder they smell like shit.
by Felony One March 05, 2010

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