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Drinking alcoholic beverages in mass quantities before 5 pm.
We were led to day drinking today to commiserate a friends problem with her roomate insisting that his daughter's diabetic, smelly cat be imported into their already pet filled abode even though her smelly cat is unwelcome.
by felixslider October 09, 2010
One who befriends yachtowners to go sailing regularlary without acquiring their own craft.
That sailwhore only love me for my boat
by felixslider September 04, 2010
Acting snarky, obnoxious, arrogant and offensive with no remorse even after you have sobered up.
I was in the grocery store and this guy cut the line then he went all Baldwin on me when I called him out. Alternatively, Hey, dude don't Baldwin me!!!!
by felixslider May 14, 2014

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