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2 definitions by felixblolz

An adjective used to describe something as unexpected or sudden. Often times used in a rhyme scheme.
-"Dude what a nayff attack!"
-"Damn man, i got a nayff chayf!"
-"Dude that pop quiz was such a nayff buzz kill!"
by felixblolz January 07, 2009
A tall, somewhat "ogre-ish" young man who is to the utmost extent, a goofy guy. He is at times a slob, a fiend, and very stubborn. But, he is your good friend, and still manages to keep you laughing.
(you walk down the crowded school hallway and the one head that sticks out of the crowd is your goofy ass friend who seems to be standing around amongst the chaos, zoned out) "Dude man, look at you. your such a fuddy-duddy!"
by felixblolz January 07, 2009