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2 definitions by felipe2009

The transcendental orgasmic feeling that gives the impression that one's Earthy responsibilities, and duties will disappear out of existence in an instant with the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama (a.k.a barry soetoro, et.al.)as President of the United States.
(usually said with breathless excitement) "I can't wait for Barak Obama to be President! He will pay for my mortgage, and my car loan, and my credit card loan, and feed me and my family and wipe my ass after taking a shit... and make me happy for the rest of my life and for all time! Obama fever is great!"
by felipe2009 January 19, 2009
The physical and explosive nausea felt by a thinking person when watching the media perform journalistic fellatio on Barak Obama.
Person 1
"If I see another so called "journalist" or "media personality" fellating Barak Obama in the media, I'm going to puke!"
Persons 2
"Sounds like YOU have Obama fever. Would you feel better if the media would ask him about all his "sealed" records that might indicate his true origin of citizenship?"
Person 1 "Yes.. yes it would."
by felipe2009 January 20, 2009