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fucking a girl so hard that the friction causes her vag to start smoking, then you quickly pee in her, causing a small explosion that may or may not kill her
When I realized my bitch started on fire, I couldn't help myself but giving her a Jamaican Smoke Bomb. It was SWEEEEETTTT!!!!!
by felatio fedelio January 22, 2008
While receiving a blowjob, you grab the girls head and give her an intense crossface with your erect penis. This is used to inflict pain on the bitch, not to make her happy so go all out
I didn't think she was giving me her best sucking, so I decided to just give her a Cambodian Crossface until she learned her lesson
by felatio fedelio January 22, 2008
a transvestite monkey prostitute that was sent from hell to spread the AIDs virus to all the naughty little monkeys in the world
while i was on an african safari, a hunnymonkey starting rubbing my thigh so i gave it a rifle butt and sent it back to hell
by Felatio Fedelio March 10, 2008

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