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A baby kangaroo.

A sandwich.

An adorable guy i just met and hardly know.
Joeys can be found sleeping soundly in their mothers' pouch.

One part smile, 2 parts happiness.

Girl 1: Dude, i totally met this Joey the other day.
Girl 2: Yea! That adorable, intriguing guy.
by feirinnheit March 31, 2009
Retardedly slow drivers who insist on going at least 10 miles under the speed limit, whilst in snychronization, causing the brains of all drivers behind the turtles to explode out of the tops of their heads.
When you're driving & 2 (or more) nitwits (usually people 55+) are having a turtle race at the exact same speed as eachother (generally 45 mph & lower) in front of you, making it so no one can pass until another lane opens, resulting in you, the driver, screaming really loudly due to infuriation.
by feirinnheit April 04, 2009

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