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The biggest piece of shit of a school. Shouldn't be considered a college. A complete joke. The advisers don't help you at all. They tell you it's a good school but it's absolutely terrible. In the middle of a the ghetto (Gary IN) but they insist that it's safe. yeah bull shit that's why there were at least 4 assaults on campus this past year. Don't ever go here if you are in this area and have to stay home for a year I highly suggest going to Purdue north central, Purdue cal or even Ivy tech over this pathetic excuse of a college.
(real situation)
Student: "What classes do i need to take this semester that will help me achieve my goal to graduate as this major at Indiana University Northwest?"

adviser: "i can't really help you with that you need to figure that out on your own."

... really why the fuck are you an adviser
by fedupwiththiscrap August 16, 2011

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