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A shortened version of apples and pears, which is cockneyrhyming slang for stairs.
"Let's run up the apples to bed then, shall we?"
by fatmatt January 24, 2005
50/50 Whiskey & Applejuice
I'd like to order a Manchild drink please.
by Fatmatt January 05, 2014
50/50 Whiskey and Apple Juice
I'd like to order a "Manchild" please.


Bartender-What would you like to drink?

Customer- I'd like a "Manchild" please.
by Fatmatt November 15, 2013
1. A hot dog native to the Detroit area. A traditional coney consists of a natural-casing hot dog in a steamed bun, topped with chili, mustard, and raw chopped onion.

2. Abbreviation for "coney island," a restaraunt in which coneys are served, typically a greasy spoon diner. They usually keep late hours and are popular spots for cheap breakfast, lunch, dinner, and post-bar munchies. Many coneys are Greek-themed. In metro Detroit, your local coney island restaraunt is referred to simply as "coney."
1. "I'll have two coneys, fries, and a Vernor's."

2. "Man, I'm starving. Let's go to coney."
by FatMatt November 12, 2005

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