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an eerily refreshing mist of sambuca-induced diarrhea
no more for me yo i just sambuca shit splashed all over some girls face.
by fatchinese April 28, 2009
a girl that is fine and divine.
yo that chick is bexxx
by fatchinese April 23, 2009
something of extreme extreme EXTREME desirability. i cannot stress the extreme measure of value neccessary to render something favie. we are talking like HUGE CAPS LOCK here. my computer can only make regular caps lock but if i could i would make the extreme capitalize so hard it would eat your brains and throw them up all over your moms thanksgiving supper. by the way, tell your mom to stop putting raisins in her meat. they do not belong okay. you know when old people show up at a dance club and make you feel like you are at your cousins wedding? that is what i think of your moms raisin cooking.
that girl is favie.
by fatchinese April 21, 2009
a fart that fills the room with beautiful dissonance.
JLAKDFSDSHGJFHGSDJHGFJSDHGFJHSGDJHFGJSDHgFJHSDGJFHg is pretty much the best replication of the sound i can do through typing.

woah did you hear that shit clap? i masturbated to it! thats how good it was!
by fatchinese April 21, 2009
rock that rocks so hard its got people shooting up the place with their glocks and shit.
yo put on some glock rock my trigger finger be itchin and shit
by fatchinese April 28, 2009
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