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Mixture of chav and indie; Chavs who wear white converse and nu rave t shirts and claim to be indie when they only listen to the following bands: razorlight, the kooks. kaiser chiefs and arctic monkeys.
chavindie: yeh mate innit im indie u get me?
indie: oh yeah do you like radiohead?
chavindie: who iz dat man? me like razorlight and da arctic monkeys innit?
indie: stupid chavindie (slaps round head)
by fastforward February 22, 2008
Usually around seasonal times, bank holidays etc, people tend to buy more food products than they need even though the supermarkets will only be closed for 1-2 days.
wife - 'i must have that last tin of baked beans'
husband - 'its xmas darling when will we need baked beans? we dont want to be seen to be panic buying'
wife - 'the shops will be shut who knows?? grab it, its the last 1'
husband - argghhhhhhh!
by fastforward December 18, 2008
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