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A status whereby a deserving person does not get their comeuppence because of an association with a proctecting power.

The protecting power is usually a friend or a relative, however a person or institution with authority can apply, for example an employer or company.
"I wanted to set Ben on fire and stamp out the flames but since he's my brother-in-law I have to bight my tounge and put up with the arrogant, racist cunt"

"I wanted to tell Karen she's being a selfish, spoiled cockteasing bitch, however my girlfriend is Karen's best mate and might not give me head if I insult her friend"

"I really wanted to kick the shit out of Paul but since hes my boss, I guess I'll have to wait until I win the lotto"

Ben, Karen and Paul all have Diplomatic Immunity
#comeuppence #bite my tounge #revenge #justice #leathal weapon
by fandango8 January 26, 2010
A drinking game much like a centurion where the player must drink 300 shots in 300 minutes (one per minute). Any drink can be used but beer or similar percentage alcohol is advised. Whoever can finish without throwing up earns the title spartan, this title can stick with the player forever and be similar in stature to an O.B.E. The player can then add spartan as a suffix to their name eg(John Smith, Spartan).
Bob: Why did you miss lectures today?
Tim: I Did a Spartan last night
Bob: So your the cunt who drank my crate of beer!!
Tim: Thats no way to talk to a Spartan!
Bob: Sorry Tim
#drinking game #centurion #student #liver disease #alcohol
by fandango8 March 05, 2008
A weapon given to rednecks by the US government to shoot at random muslims in iraq
"Hey Cletus hand me my M16 this bitch is wearing a veil"
#bush #army #rifle #assaultrifle #iraq
by fandango8 April 23, 2007
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