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A huge feeling of pleasure, but not from sexual experiences. These feelings can come from any event or thing that makes a person feel joy.
Happy: "Green Day's new video made me have a joygasm!"

Giddy: "I saw Red Eye last weekened. Oh my god, it was so good that I, like, had a joygasm!"

Angry: "Don't have a joygasm."

Tauntingly: "School gives Dan joygasms! *all laugh*"

Skeptical: "God, she loves food so much she practically joygasms everytime she sees a taco."

Abrupt: "Wow, I just had a joygasm."
by famous dave August 29, 2005
describing something in a positive way. synonyms: cool, awesome, amazing, fantastic, super, etc.
That is so fetch! That's fetch!
by famous dave August 29, 2005
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