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The holy being in the religion of Pastafarianism. Often prayed to by followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. R'amen.
A: Dude, I keep praying that Lucy will ask me out but she never does.

B: Thats because your not praying to Pirates.
by faithful follower of the FSM March 24, 2009
one of the first creatures the holy FSM created on our planet. the spelling is often mistaken as midget, with an E instead of an I. R'amen.
The Flying Spaghetti Monster created Midgits, Mountains and trees after heavily drinking, then rested and created the rest of the world at the end of the week. R'amen.
by faithful follower of the FSM March 28, 2009
an orgasm that occurs when being aroused because of Pirates.
dude, yesterday in class we were talking about Pirates and i totally had an arrgasm.
i dressed up like a Pirate the other day and when i looked in the mirror i had an arrgasm.
i heard about those Pirates stealing from the american ships and i had the best arrgasm of my life. fuck yeah Pirates!
by faithful follower of the FSM April 10, 2009

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