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exaggerations or even lies on occasion used to make ones self look better and score so called brownie points later redeemed for sexual activities.
Cliff - If I spend enough time flirting with that chick, I might be able to hit that!

Carli - LOL get out.
by failwhaleftw April 23, 2011
Someone who is a complete and utter douchebag and/or asshole. Usually associated with lame sauce or fail sauce.

Not to be confused with a burrito.
Evan - Man, Jean-Paul is being such a douchebag.

Bruce - I agree. We should just cover him in fail sauce and call him a lameurrito!

Evan - Yeah, I am three-weeking him. Now, let's go get some burritos!
by failwhaleftw March 02, 2010

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