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Member of rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony. A damn good rapper, like all of the Bone Thugs, but just can't stay out of jail long enough to use his talent.

He was sent to jail in September of 2000 on assault with a deadly weapon charges and for violation of probation. He remained there for eight years. He is currently behind bars without bail and awaits trial.

Then he was released in July 2008, and reportedly rejoined the group. Plans were underway for a reunion album (Uni5) for the summer of '09, as Bizzy Bone had also come back, but Flesh was reportedly booked again in early April 2009 for having a gun in his car.
That nigga Flesh-N-Bone is dumb as fuck. It hasn't even been eight years and he's behind bars again. So much for a BTNH reunion album...damn.
by failspy1021 April 06, 2009

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