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aka: the hoodlands
aka: the weedlands

there are 3 types of people here in the woodlands.
1. the Preps/Gangsters- both wear hollister and abercombie. we are very pretty and rich and boys love girls. girls love girls and girls love boys. nothing uber spectacular happens because no one knows of anything better to do than cheer or get wasted. if you have sex on a tuesday everyone knows on wednesday.

2.the Skaters/ Scene kids- if your not a nerd/freak and your not preppy or gangster you are automatically placed in the scene/ skater category. i you ever wear black skinny jeans or put your bangs over your eyes then you are scene here. myspace is god and god is satan. bongs and pipes are a common household item and when raves go down its actually a rave not just beer and a strob light.

3. nerds- they will grow up and make money like no other. but there boss will be daddys big boy the jock. no doubt about it nerds are doomed.

the schools around here mostly work to these statistics
40% preps
50% skaters
10% freaks

the preppy ppl do not liked to be called preppy because its not good enough. they claim to be so down to earth when really we have never even seen what earth looks like.

if you dont smoke weed youve already moved on to bigger badder things.
no one respects anyone else and
when ppl say things like
"zomgz tdwp is hxc it pwns bmth"
and hear
"poser bmth is fbamf so stfu"
then you know youve entered the weedlands

in conclusion: if you are poor, clean, and wanting to excell in life, go back to whereever you came from.
Sally: Oh, John, I am hoping to have a swell time here in this town called The Woodlands.
John: suck it, go back to utah betsy. but let me fck you first.
Sally: (after living here for 3 days) i wont let you fck me until you hand over the weed john!
by faggan August 02, 2008

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